Besides partnering with single academic institutions, Ud’A is also a member of international university networks, which promote networking opportunities, best practices sharing and the enhancement of the visibility of European universities globally, to cite a few objectives.

Currently, Ud’A is a member of the following networks:

  • The European University Association (EUA), which represents more than 800 Universities in 48 European Countries. EUA provides its members with unique opportunities to shape European policies affecting the Higher Education sector and research, promoting innovation and encouraging European academic voices to come out and be heard. What is more, EUA provides unrivalled opportunities for members to share best practices by participating in projects and other mutual-learning activities, which involve a wide range of universities.
  • Unimed, Mediterranean Universities Union, which counts more than 100 Universities coming from 23 countries of both shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Its goal is to develop research, cooperation and education in the Euro-Mediterranean area in order to contribute to scientific, cultural, social and economic growth. Among the activities that Unimed carries out in favour of its members, one can name the promotion of the international dimension of universities, the organisation of discussions and round tables both at a national and international level as well as the creation of thematic sub-networks to foster scientific cooperation within specific fields.
  • Gis-sociabilites, which is an international network of academic and non-academic institutions. It is interdisciplinary and includes historians, linguists, philosophers, art historians, specialists of French and English Literature. Being part of an international consortium, GIS members can participate in, or organise, conferences, seminars, cycles of talks in Europe and in the USA.
  • H2CU, Honors Center of Italian Universities, which counts more than 20 Italian Universities and 3 Research Institutes. This centre boasts several Bilateral Agreements with prestigious American Universities, among which: MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, Pace University, Columbia University, Florida International University. Its aim is to develop joint academic programmes, such as Periods of Study and Research, Short Academic Programs, Joint Academic Programs (Dual Degree - Individual Double Degree), Dual PhD Programs.


For any queries or for suggesting new membership opportunities, please contact us: