Specific requirements for incoming students

Requirements upon Arrival
Upon arrival, the student will:
  1. check in at the International Relations Office of the University (Administration Building, Campus Universitario - Via dei Vestini - Chieti Scalo) with the following documents: - a valid document of identity - a certificate issued by the University of origin attesting: a) his/her regular registration, b) his/her status as an Erasmus scolarship holder, c) the lenght of stay d) the courses he/she proposes to attend in our University. These documents must be signed by an academic authority. The Office will then issue a certificate proving the student's course attendance. On the basis of the these documents, the Erasmus office will communicate the list of students to the “Centro Linguistico” in Pescara, which will provide a free course of Italian language for Erasmus students (40 hrs).
  2. The following documents will be presented to the "Ufficio per il Diritto allo Studio" - Viale dell'Unità d'Italia - Chieti Scalo - a valid document of identity - 3 passport size photos - a certificate released by the International Relations Office. On the basis of the above documents, the "Ufficio per il Diritto allo Studio" will provide the student with a University card valid for the University canteen.

Residence Permit for non-EU citizens

The Residence Permit for non-EU citizens will be provided by the local police station “Questura”. The necessary documents are:
- a valid document of identity - the certificate issued by the International Relations Office
- a certificate of international medical assistance provided by the Health Service of the country of origin
- Statement of Financial Autonomy

Academic Calendar
The academic year begins on November 1st and ends on October 31st of the following year. Courses last from October through June.
Christmas Holidays are from December 23 through January 7th. Easter holidays go from Thursday before the festivity until the following Wednesday.

University Canteen Service
A canteen service is offered in both the Chieti and Pescara Campus
Additional requirements at University “G. d’Annunzio”
  1. The University has the ESN (Erasmus Student Association) to welcome, receiving and integrating incoming students. See. http://esnasepech.it
  2. Organization, preparing, receiving and organizing mobile staff will be managed by Departmental Coordinator
  3. Students and Staff with disabilities can find information at the following web page (only in Italian at the moment) http://www.unich.it/campus/servizi/servizi-diversamente-abili
  4. Contacts of the Academic Tutors can be found at the following web page (see link incoming students) http://unich.llpmanager.it/studenti/
  5. Further information for incoming students can be found on the following web page http://www.unich.it/didattica/studiare-allestero/erasmus-incoming-students

For more details please consult the flowing website: http://unich.llpmanager.it/studenti/
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